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Grey. the podcast is all about the light, the dark, the hilariously obscene, and everything in between. 

Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher and iHeart Radio. You can also find EVERY SINGLE EPISODE right on this website. Enjoy!

New episodes every Wednesday!

We Are Your Hosts



Known for her classy style and sharp fashion sense, Emily is the queen of chic. Her love of the fashion world is rivaled only by her love of True Crime, Wine and Penny. When she's not exposing the F*CKED UP world we live in, she can be found on the stage or on the screen. Sondheim be praised.




By day, Dylan is but a humble server at a local sports bar, slingin' drinks and not taking anyone's shit. By night, he is a mighty gamer that spends far too many hours sitting down. With a background in Musical Theatre, expect to hear many a lyrical anecdote that will happen (probably more than once) every episode. 

The real star of the show, Penny spends her days sleeping, eating and making sure Mom and Dad get enough exercise. Her favorite activities are tug o' war, fetch (but not giving the ball back,) tricks for treats and giving ALL the kisses. 

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